Visit our rose nursery and discover over 850+ species we have to offer. From botanical varieties, old roses to contemporary bed roses and hybrid teas, we look for the most precious garden roses and make them available in our collection.

Come take a walk in our (free admission) rose garden and see how our plants develop. Discover new plant and rose combinations while experiencing the many scents and colours our garden has to offer. 

Browsing for an addition to your garden? Are you looking for a specific rose? Either way our employees will help you choose what is right for you and your garden. 


From November 1 until April 30:         Tuesday to Saturday         9 am to 12 pm & from 1pm to 5:30 pm, not open   Monday, Sunday and holidays

May 1 until October 30:           Thursday, Friday and Saturday     9 am to 12 pm & from 1pm to 5:30 pm, not open Sunday through Wednesday and holidays



Most of our roses are being pruned in March, and that is why we organise  pruning demonstrations so that everyone has the opportunity to learn this skill firsthand.

June is the month of the rose! To celebrate we organise guided walks amongst the blooming roses. We discuss the many species and varieties, cultivation, garden maintenance, and the search for new species. 

In November we organise Rose hip day.Get acquainted with the many applications of roses (hips) in the kitchen and garden.


If you are planning on visiting with a (large) group, we encourage you to make an appointment, so we can provide you with an appropriate reception.

Parking accommodations for buses: There is ample room to park a bus at our entrance gate, without hindering traffic to and from the nursery. Under the motorway bridge, the first street on the right, you will find a large parking lot.

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Visit us: We are located between Bruges and Ostend.

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