Pink Mystery

Modern Shrubs 
L. Lens1997

  • Colour:  Pink 
  • Fragrance:  Medium
  • Repeat flowering: (June - October)
  • Height:  120  -  150 cm
  • Growth type:  Ascending
  • Flower:  SingleMedium sized6 cm
  • Option
    Bare Root
    Available from November to mid-April.
    From 1 piece(s): 15,80 €
    From 10 piece(s): 15,80 €
    From 25 piece(s): 15,80 €
    From 100 piece(s): 15,00 €
    15,80 €
    Pot 4L
    From 1 piece(s): 18,00 €
    18,00 €

    ‘Pink Mystery’ is a cross-breeding between Rosa stellata mirifica, Rosa bracteata and Rosa nutkana. It resembles the Rugosa species. The little dark green foliage, however, is finer and appears on long, thin branches with grey brown bark. The thorns are whitish, and are located densely and irregularly on the branch. The flowers appear at the tips of the branches in little bunches of five, seven or nine. They open with two or three at the same time, like the Bracteates. They are dark purple – less deep than the Rosa stellata mirifica – but bigger and with a strong scent. ‘Pink Mystery’ is a cross-breeding of botanic roses that only flower one single time. Strangely enough, this particular kind repeat flowers easily, which is new for this species. Height 80-120 cm.

    • Bee friendly plant
    • Preferred location:  Sun or partial shadow
    • Plant distance:  80cm
    • Frost resistance:  to -15°C