Rose garden Chaumont-Gistoux, Ivan Louette
De Rozenkring ('The Rose circle')
“De Rozenkring” is an active and dynamic association for rose lovers. They organise workshops, lectures, pruning courses; and each year they arrange a multiple-day ‘rose trip’. Members receive a quarterly with colour photographs, “Rozenkring”.
De rozenvrienden
Nederlandse Rozenvereniging ('Dutch Rose association')
An active association that organises workshops, lectures and garden trips. They also have a quarterly called “Rozenbulletin”.
Rogers Roses
World’s largest rose collection, by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix.
Rosa Belgica
Royal National Company “De Vrienden van de Roos” (‘The Friends of the Rose”)
Rosa Gallica
The French association Rosa Gallica vouches for the study and preservation of old roses of French origin. Their bimonthly periodical is also called “Rosa Gallica”.
Garden Plants
Bamboo Dubois
A nursery with an extensive collection of rustic bamboos; with an exposition garden comprising about a hundred bamboos, integrated with other plants.
Centre d'étude et créations d'espaces verts. (Study centre and creation of green areas). A nursery with special varieties of Acer, Cornus, Prunus, Magnolia, Sorbus …
De Linde
Fruit trees
Epimedium, perenials
Jan Spruyt
Website about perennials. A versatile instrument to determine your choice of plants.
Kwekerij Van Nuffelen
A nursery of Clematis.
Silene ('Campion')
A nursery of peculiar annuals and biennials.
Tree nursery Le Try
A nursery with arboretum. Shrubs with peculiar flowers and an elaborate collection of Viburnum, Cornus, Syringa, Hibiscus …
Plant Fairs
Beervelde Garden Days
Festival of Rare Plants, Castle Hex
La Feuillerie, Celles
A small but lovely genuine plant fair, in an environment of a splendid old garden. You can meet specialists from everywhere in Belgium and abroad, exhibiting such plants as shrubs, roses, bulbs and tubers, perennials, fruit trees, wild plants, water plants … Something for everybody, warmly recommended.
Plant Festival Bingerden (The Netherlands)
Plant party in the Gardens of Aywiers
The splendid English park of the old abbey is the perfect frame for discovering the best Belgian nurserymen, specialists and garden decoration. Lasne is situated in the region of Waterloo, Waals-Brabant.
Rose Festival, Chaalis (France)
Info for the garden
Useful advice for gardening.
Les Jardins d'Eden
Gardens magazine
Openbaar groen ('Public green areas')
A wealth of information for district councils, garden contractors, landscape architects...
Alle mogelijke weetjes in verband met de tuin.
Guest Rooms and rose garden Loverlij
Guest rooms Loverlij is the perfect location for everybody who's looking for the perfect place to unwind ... Every second, third and fourth weekend of June, the Loverlij rose garden is open to the public. You can visit the garden from 10h00 until 18h00.
Hotel De Stokerij
Discover true hospitality in the hotel 'De Stokerij' in Oudenburg. In the countryside you’ll find yourself in an oasis of calm, silence and gastronomy. This all at a mere 10 miles from Bruges and the Belgian Coast.
Town Oudenburg and its activities; links to hotels and restaurants.
Open Gardens
Munkhaven Cottage Garden