Lens Roses News
New Rose 'Kartause Ittingen' syn. 'Elisabeth Oberle' (08/06/2010)
A new Lens Rose has been baptised in the fabulous rosegarden of the Chartusian monastry Ittingen (Switserland).
The rose garden of the Chartusian monastry Ittingen is a realisation of the rose society of Winterthur under the leadership of Elisabeth Oberle. The garden collects a 1000 roses: botanical species, ramblers and climbing roses, old roses, ... with certainly a 400 different varieties.
Medical garden
It's great to visit the rosegarden with rose specialist as Elisabeth Oberle and the Godmother of the rose Eilike Vemmer.
Rosa pimpinellifolia 'A´cha'
A warm welcome is shown by the long wall covered with ramblers such as Seagull.