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Baptism of the new rose 'Souvenir de Louis Lens' - 11 Juin 2011 (20/06/2011)
The new rose 'Souvenir de Louis Lens', a hybrid musk, has been presented to the public, during the plantfestival of 10-11-12 Juin 2011, in the rosegarden of Castel Hex.
Godmother of the rose is Mrs. Diane van Strydonck and godfather the Count Ghislain d'Ursel.
Rosa 'Souvenir de Louis Lens'
'Souvenir the Louis lens' is very flowerfull' the little single flowers have a changing colour. they are yellow-orange in bud, yellow when opening, changing to cream and finally becomes dark pink. The shrub reaches 200 cm, is very strong, healthy and disease-free. The branches and young foliage are reddish brown, they become dark green when aging.
Also present at the baptism: Martin Rix (botanis), Roger Phillips (photographer), Johan Ghysels (editor Lannoo)
Louis Lens died in 2001, now 10 years ago. This rose is a homage to him, the great rosebreeder who created a lot of Hybrid Musks.
Presentation of the new rose 'Souvenir de Louis Lens'
We hope this rose, which emits a lot of colour and gaiety will be appreciated in lots of gardens.
The Count Ghislain d'Ursel presents the new rose, Mrs. Diane van Strydonck, Ann Velle and Caroline Dombrecht (Lens Roses
Colorlabel of the rose